Patlu is a thin man. He is often portrayed as the smartest guy in the whole city. He often gets into trouble along with Motu but he manages to help himself and Motu when they land in trouble. He always advises Motu to be in their normal track and thus lead a "danger free" life, but he can always be coaxed (or forced) by Motu into helping him.

Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: India
Habitat: Furfuri Nagar

Doing social activities

Powers and Abilities:

Stretching limbs

Telling ideas every time

Enchaned intlligence

Hand to hand combact

Personality: Very kind,Friendly
Interests: Reading

Helping people

Hate: Samosa
Fear: Boxer
Favorite food: Tea Sometimes Samosa
Dream: save furfurinagar from John The Don
Physical characteristics
Hair color: No hair
Skin color: Tan
Eye color: Black
Relatives: Unknown(Uncle)
Best Friend: Motu


He wears a yellow tunic with orange leggings, black-framed glasses, and brown shoes.


He is very smart and intelligent.He is always giving idea to others.He is always friendly to others and when anybody talks bad about his dear people he will crush them.

Powers and abilities

His hand is very tall and he is very intelligent and he is very excellent at roller skating.


He is very thin and he is not strong.He is very sensitive.


He appeared in all episodes


Hindi: Motu... kuchh karo!
Tamil: Motu...Edhavudhu pannu
Telugu: motu edaina cheyyi.
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