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Profile motu
Character information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 40-50
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: India
Habitat: Furfuri Nagar

Various ( Mostly Social Activities )


Eating a lot of Samosas

Enchaned strength

Personality: Very kind,angry,Friendly

Eating samosas

Helping people


Not getting samosa when hungry

Fear: Boxer
Favorite food: Samosa
Dream: Getting thousands of samosa or a mountain of samosa
Physical characteristics
Hair color: Black
Not afraid of Chingam's Jail
Skin color: Tan
Eye color: Black


Chottu(Sister's son)                                         

Best Friend: Patlu


He wears a red tunic with a navy blue (though mostly black) vest, yellow pyjamas, and shoes. His talking accent looks influenced by Dara Singh. He has strong muscles and he is very fat.


He is mad and is always looking for the easiest way to earn money, have fun and get to eat Samosas, even if it means landing himself in trouble. Sometimes he gets over-expressive while celebrating his victory and can do something very foolish, like bringing back a pirate into the present who they had sent recently back to the past. He is also shown bragging about something he has never done. But he is a good man who wants to help others.

Powers and Abilities

He is a martial artist and a wrestler. He is very strong and when he eats samosas he becomes more powerful. He has the confidence that he can do everything. He can send anyone outside the earth just by kicking a pung. Once he had defeated a tiger and an expert martial artist.


He gets powers when he eat Samosas but after some time he will turn back to normal and he wants Samosas again to become stronger. When he sees Samosas anywhere he forgets everything and flys towards the Samosas.


He appeared in all the episodes.


Hindi: Khaali pet mere dimag ki batti nahi jalti. खाली पेट मेरे दिमागकी बत्ति नहि जलती। Tamil: Vayiru khaali ya irukum pothu enakku moolai vela seiyathu nu unaku theriyatha. Telugu: naa kadupu ;l,.l;.;/kaaliga unte naa medadu panicheyyadu (My brain doesn't work while my stomach is empty)


  • He knows to speak well.
  • He is very very very very fond of Samosas.