The following is a list of episodes for the original Motu Patlu series.

Season 1: 2012

Image Title Number Original Airdate
John Banega Don 1 October 16,2012
John Tries to steal 10 crore from a man.
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Pilot Training 2 October 16, 2012
Motu and Patlu start out the series by accidentally learning to fly Dr. Jhatka's custom flying car
Coming soon Road Roller 3 October 25,2012
Motu and Patlu discover a quick way to make a lot of money; by fixing all the potholes in town before an important guest arrives in Furfuri Nagar. But it proves to be much more difficult than they had imagined.
Coming soon Super Chicks 4 October 26, 2006
Motu and Patlu give their chickens food that make them large and strong. Then the chickens run wild in the town