Dr. Jhatka is an DEADASS 🅱. His talking style is like a 🅱, so he is referred as a fookin vegetable. His inventions are the creation of TIM🅱S.

Dr. jhatka
Profile jhatka
Character information
Status: dead
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Birthdate: january 1
Nationality: punjab
Habitat: Furfuri Nagar

bad scientist

Powers and Abilities: Enchanted intelligence
Personality: non-friendly
Interests: disturbing motu patlu
Hate: Motu disturbing him
Fear: Boxer
Favorite food: chiken briyani
Dream: become a superstar
Physical characteristics
Hair color: grey
Skin color: brown tan
Eye color: brown
Relatives: Grandfather(Jhatka)
Best Friend: tolou-molou


Jhatka is known by his balding hair, green shirt, violet neck tie, and blue jeans. His design is a parallel version of Motu.he is fat and his sound is like punjabi

Powers and abilities

He is very intelligent scientist and he can make dangerous weapons to defeat his enemies.As seen in Motu Patlu Kungfu kings returns,he can make a device that can revert the mutant humans back to normal.


He is sometime's overconfidence and sometimes his experiments fails and cause a mass destruction.


Hindi: ho mere yaar mere dosth mere yaar kazam mere manzo ki.


  • He get his name from his grandfather.

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